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Only 700 years ago town of Hafnarfjordur started to grow on lava fields from Burfell vulcano. Today it is the third largest town in Iceland. That rocks and cliffs were home for the first inhabitants which are believed to be elves, dwarfs and other mystical beings.Through all those years all mysterious beings have lived in peace and harmony with their human neighbours.  Therefore tourists today can enjoy hidden world walks with elf’s company in this unique landscape of harbour town.

Hafnarfjordur is part of the Capital area but offers the feeling of relaxation in the country side, one of the most popular and beautiful golf course at Hvaleyri (by the Sea) horse-riding in lava fields offered by the most known specialist Ishestar with day tours for family members and longer riding tours.

Just a few minutes’ drive from centre of Reykjavik, Hafnarfjordur is an entirely separate town with its own shops, tourist attractions, bars and restaurants.


Within walking distance from the hotel you can find these activities:

  • Tourist Information Centre
  • Supermarkets
  • Hidden world tours
  • Harbour and Marina
  • Billiard, pool
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Fitness Centre
  • Golf course
  • Horse riding
  • Sea Angling
  • Indoor/Outdoor swimming pools
  • Viking Village
  • Restaurants and pubs
  • Museums and galleries of Hafnarfjörður
  • The Bonsai park
  • Ástjörn - bird reserve
  • Ásfjall mountain
  • Sculpture park Viðistaðún

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Keilir golf course

Keilir golf course is a links golf course placed by the sea side. There is a vast difference between the front nine and the back nine. The front nine is surrounded by lava but the back nine are placed on a small peninsula at the entrance into the Hafnafjordur harbor with a spectacular view to the Alftanes peninsula and the famous Snaefellsglacier. The Keilir golf course is more about skill and accuracy than power and distance particularly the front nine in the lava field.

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